3 ways an integrated software solution can help you simplify your business processes


Right now you might be skimming through the various ways in which you go about approaching different tasks within your business and realising how much of a headache they can cause you on a weekly basis. 

Between managing cash flow, retaining employees, staying on top of regulatory changes, and keeping customers happy, there’s a lot to worry about when you’re running a small to mid-sized business. Trudging through piles of paperwork and countless spreadsheets is enough to drive even the most peaceful and spiritual monk to the verge of mental breakdown.

How can I manage my business more effectively?

How can we improve on these processes and create a more efficient environment across all workflows? As you become better acquainted with any process, you’ll eventually find ways to simplify and improve it. Streamlining workflows alleviates stress for both your employees and customers. Having an integrated software solution can help you achieve this, while also offering benefits that you may not have previously considered.

Here are 3 ways an integrated software solution can help you improve your business processes and increase efficiency across departments:


Improved visibility with accurate and real-time information.

When using multiple disconnected software systems, data is usually managed manually and this causes errors and can take up unnecessary time. Real-time visibility is important in making timely informed decisions. When information can be accessed instantly from almost anywhere, without wasting resources on data extraction and tying data from different sources together, employees are better informed and can make more accurate, faster and better informed decisions. Giving multiple departments access to real-time data also allows them to communicate with each other more effectively. 

IT time and cost savings

With your IT department not having to maintain multiple pieces of software as well as the integration between them, you can refocus this time and spend it on other areas such as improving operations and ways of increasing your bottom line.

Employee productivity

An integrated software solution allows your employees to operate at maximum efficiency. Reports showing performance across various departments are crucial to giving you an accurate insight into your day to day operations. Gone is the out of date information, hours spent manually entering invoice information into your accounting system disjointed and inefficient processes. An integrated software system allows you to centralise this information creating efficiency across departments.

Today, many companies are using integrated business management software to streamline their business processes while many of us are still using a multitude of disconnected systems causing bottlenecks and issues around productivity. 

Our integrated & modular ERP solution, Herbst Insight, can help you transform your business with solutions for various industries including Distribution, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quarry & Concrete and Food & Drink.

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