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Waste and Recycling

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  • Nominal Ledger
  • Relationship and Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Handhelds
  • Backup Scheduler
  • Credit Control
  • GIS
  • Haulage and Carriage
  • Point of Sale
  • Sales Management
  • Weighbridge

Nominal Ledger


At its core, our ERP software is supported by a strong nominal ledger. The main objective of this solution is to stop paper chasing and empower the financial controller with the key information they need at any time. Every aspect of the business can be linked back to the nominal ledger, and this has a dynamic and re-definable structure that is customisable to suit the specific needs of your business. Allows you to tailor and manage your ledger your way either by tree structure or by listing. The accounts structure incorporates our unique grid view system across the product, making sorting and filtering out information extremely simple.

This solution focuses on keeping your accounts received and accounts payable visible and in check. Multi-department support gives you more control and insight into each department fiscal expenditure. The end result is the ability to track and manage live information across business processes, and making sure all the money going in and out of the business is accounted for.

Key Features

  • Real-time P&L
  • Live Working Capital Analysis
  • Multi department support with budgets
  • Re-definable and dynamic NL tree structure
  • Flexible business periods
  • Quick edit correction utilities
  • Powerful security logs and user restrictions
  • Comprehensive range of standard reports
  • Drill down to the original documents

Relationship and Marketing


In a hectic sales and marketing environment, the ability to record and control the day to day activities is a requirement for any business. What we offer is a customer and supplier relationship management solution that gives easy access to relevant information from any ledger. This information can be used to identify opportunities to drive follow up sales and categorise companies based on their relationship to your business. This enables your marketing team to aim effective marketing communications at specific customers and focus marketing efforts on the most profitable markets.

Having a deep understanding of your customer’s needs and wants is essential to keeping your business customer focused. More than just your standard CRM, this is a marketing and account management tool that empowers your workforce with the capability to build long-lasting business relationships with clients and develop those over time. By keeping your customers up to date on topical industry matters and new developments that are relevant to them, new opportunities can be unlocked. Satisfied customers have the potential to become repeat buyers and be first in line to trial new products.

Key Features

  • Manage sales pipelines through customisable grid views
  • Record, track and retrieve correspondence easily
  • Ability to forecast budget and analyse performance
  • Organize customers to identify new opportunities
  • Use real-time data to highlight lost sales
  • Effective account management tools
  • Targeted campaigning via email, fax, or snail-mail
  • SMS promotions to send details to relevant customers
  • Differentiate between different types of correspondence
  • Follow up, schedule, and map activities on a shared calendar



Streamline and simplify purchasing activities with our fully integrated solution that ties into the stock and sales ledger and unifies all accounts payable data. Designed for the commodity and service industry, this solution simplifies the work and controls business processes for purchasing. This solution can support and manage the whole procurement process, starting from the purchase order stage, to invoicing, to payment, and any correspondence in between. Our solution makes it easy for your key purchasing personnel to make orders quickly and efficiently.

The ability to enforce authorisation controls on a user level make it easy for management to delegate and stay focused on more important tasks. Special pricing can be set for specific products and products can be grouped together into product kits. All historic activity is available at any time, and allows for comparisons for old and new orders.

Key Features

  • Handles the whole procurement process
  • Built-in supplier account management
  • Integrated stock and sales ledger
  • Special pricing and contract facility
  • Product/supplier approval mechanisms
  • Touch screen kiosk interface for warehouse operations
  • Comprehensive access to historical activity
  • Payment procedures with authorisation controls
  • Keep a record of all correspondence and documents
  • Back to back ordering
  • Automated VIES & INTRASTAT reporting

Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence (BI) embodies the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process for your company. It empowers management and allows them to make informed decisions quickly by giving them relevant information as and when they need it. BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations allowing for the easy interpretation of the large volumes of company data in a modern day business.

This solution provides powerful BI tools allows users of the Business Management Software see their business information in real time with the ability to drill down into the live details as required. You can get easy access to any ledger in real-time with the ability to fully customise the dashboard throughout the system. Pivot tables can be used to summarise large volumes of information and you can drill down to the original documents easily. Our BI solution also gives you the ability to customise to your own specific requirements, such as customising a view by group, and to sort/filter the relevant information as you desire. Additionally, you can generate an analysis or chart report within the software itself or you can quickly export to excel is necessary.

Key Features

  • Easy access to information from ledgers in real-time
  • Customisable dashboards in all ledgers
  • Pivot and summarise large amounts of information
  • Complete access to history for identifying trends
  • Individual users can focus BI around their operations
  • BI fully interwoven throughout system
  • Drill down queries to original documents
  • Filtering features which identify exceptions
  • In-built advanced report writer
  • Periodically email/SMS KPIs



A great range of specialised client applications, allowing employees to process transactions off-site and on. All handheld solutions are connected in real-time with the back office, allowing for instant updates on valuable information such as deliveries, checklists and correspondence. Our solutions drastically reduce paperwork for sales representatives, sales account managers, and delivery men allowing them to focus their time on the job at hand.

We offer a range of specialised roaming client software solutions for handheld devices. An integrated portable solution allows your business to process operational activities in real-time, no matter where the transaction is carried out. Empowering employees away from office with the information they need, reduces the amount of back-office administration and gives senior management much better control over employees who are working away from the office.

Key Features

  • Digitally collect signatures (POD)
  • Process secure credit card transactions
  • Create quotes, orders, deliveries, and invoices
  • Confirm or agree special prices
  • Enter new prospects and record/log activities
  • Check product prices and availability
  • Easy to learn metro style with bar-coding support
  • Email or print documents directly from device
  • Process orders and deliveries with no signal
  • Range of robust handheld devices

Backup Scheduler


Your data should never be left to chance, and having more than one form of backup for critical data is a must in a modern business where data accumulation is constantly on the rise. This solution provides an advanced utility that allows you to make copies, encrypting and storing your databases automatically and in a secure manner. Backups occur on both a daily and monthly basis, with both being separated for added security.

Your database with your entire debtor list is too important. Unfortunately busy organisations only realise the critical nature of conducting backups in times of fire and theft. Due diligent risk management justifies contigency and targeted backing up procedures which compensate for human error. This software has been designed to make sure that your most important data is always backed up, and if there is a problem, someone in the organisation has been notified.

Key Features

  • Schedule automatic backups
  • Specialised utility for database management
  • Check the integrity of the database
  • Differentiate between monthly and daily backups
  • Have your own off-site secure vault to store backups
  • Automatically email status report for each backup

Credit Control


Credit Control is an integral part within our business management software. Having quick and easy access to overdue accounts is imperative to enabling your accounts department in becoming more efficient with their time. This solution enables accounts to identify whom to contact and then subsequently, chase payment whilst also ensuring to record each interaction via the integrated CRM functionality. Integrated credit controls are present and incorporated in all relevant procedures throughout the system. The great benefit to providing good credit control in this way, is that it eliminates any margin for error and allows personnel to have the correct information at the right time.

The outcome is a solution which allows management to control the risk surrounding the active and busy nature of a modern business environment. Also included are automated processes for sending out letters, emails, and SMS messaging making chasing debts much simpler. You can also place accounts on hold status, clear hold status, and send updates to colleagues as and when required.

Key Features

  • Start credit control validations at order stage
  • Restrict dispatch of goods on overdue accounts
  • Extensive and flexible credit constraints on customers
  • Charge interest on selected overdue accounts
  • Keep a record of all correspondence
  • Customer credit rating for a more meaningful aged analysis
  • Credit pop-ups on overdue accounts
  • Manage difficult accounts easily
  • Automated personalised debtor letter functionality
  • Direct SMS function



Our integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) lets you visualise, question, analyse, and understand data better, on a geographical map. This solution reveals key relationships, patterns and trends that may have been missed previously without a clear visualisation of important information. It has the benefit of removing the clutter, and being able to see the same information in a different light.

By visualising your existing data in this way, it allows you to recognise new opportunities using a map and plot points based on your own preferences. Being able to plot suppliers, existing customers or potential customers on a map makes it quick and easy to identify locations and distances between sites for strategic and short term planning.

Key Features

  • Easy to use and integrated with your real-time data
  • Keep coordinates on customers and traders
  • View the 10 closest customers to another customer
  • Keep coordinates at document level (deliveries)
  • Visualise previously sold product at customer locations
  • See customers with outstanding orders
  • Picture your customers by location or area
  • Comes with a range of standard reports
  • Comes with GIS/KLM report writer

Haulage and Carriage


An integrated haulage solution simplifies and automates the management of this business process. If you’re a business that deals with hauliers, this is the perfect solution for you. When managing your haulage and carriage needs, we provide a powerful tool for dealing with and managing your haulage costs. Simplify and automate you haulier activities, saving valuable time like chasing hauliers for invoices, calculating the costs for different zones, tracking radial miles, catering for depots and dealing with multi- client site environments.

Our haulage solution is one that improves accuracy, eliminates any existing duplication and gives real-time information at the push of a button. Not to mention the ability to create back to back haulage orders, reports by haulier and driver, automated self-billing reports and keep coordinates of all locations which are valuable additions for any business involved in distribution of product.

key Features

  • Back to back haulage orders
  • Zone, radial miles, depots, and multiple client sites
  • Reports by haulier and driver
  • Tracks waiting time and minimum load
  • Automated self-billing reports
  • Keep coordinates for every location
  • Compare all your hauliers with one another
  • Automatically apply additional haulage charges
  • Assign a default haulier to customers

Point of Sale


A touch screen electronic point of sale system (EPOS) suitable for the warehouse or retail environment, integrated with accounts and stock control. With an integrated EPOS, automation is a big advantage and a key differentiator over a traditional POS system that isn’t fully integrated with accounts. This solution allows for real-time updates of sales and transactional information that’s recorded live within the core software package. It also supports multi-branch capabilities, stores account information and pricing for individual customers, while allowing for special pricing and discounts as well as document authorisation for transaction approval.

Herbst EPOS is designed and tailored to suit your specific needs, featuring a fully customisable interface, with the ability to hide and reposition UI elements and features – only seeing what is required at any given time. Having live data and only one system allows for quicker access to key information that enables better decision making during the transaction process. In addition, this solution allows for full user flexibility and enables management with the ability to limit certain functionality on a user by user basis, at their convenience.

Key Features

  • Specialised features for B2B trade counter
  • POS fully integrated with stock ledger
  • Checks credit limits of account customers
  • Quick access to detailed product and customer info
  • Supports special prices and promotions
  • Enforce delivery details for cash sales when required
  • Supports signatures at POS
  • Barcode and scanner support
  • Live P&L in back office
  • Handles batch traceability

Sales Management


Our sales management features allow you manage aspects of the sales pipeline with ease, empowering your sales team with quick access to relevant information in real-time. Not only does it improve collaboration and communication between your sales team and the rest of your business, but also it adds to the overall experience of you clients and suppliers by providing account manager functionality.

Provides the ability to produce quotes and sales orders enabling the coordination of activities between your sales team, warehouses and plants, shipping and accounting teams. This solution facilitates efficient management of accounts, shipping, invoicing and commissions. Our sales management solution can also create efficiencies in the sales process by identifying and organising sales prospects and leads so you can take full advantage of potential opportunities.

Key Features

  • Manage sales pipeline and on-going correspondence
  • Quote quickly and track status thereafter
  • Customise telesales interface for quick and easy order entry
  • Live dispatch details visible on customer account
  • Targeted marketing of new products lines
  • Group, classify, and organise customers
  • Store external files and contracts with customer
  • Create exception views to show lapsed sales
  • Instant access to stock availability and related information
  • Flexible and dynamic pricing systems



Our integrated weighbridge solution includes an easy to use interface which is completely connected to the back office, with the benefit of having direct control across the weigh-in and weigh-out procedure. This solution allows you to delegate without losing control and helps prevent some of the frequent and costly mistakes that can happen in a busy weighbridge environment. The weighbridge can be customised to manual or automatic and from there, the weighbridge fully integrates with the core software system and your accounts. With this solution, you’ll be able to convert weigh documents to invoices, automatically enforce credit control, check and authorise weight documents for invoicing and much more. Additionally, you can also use our weighbridge solution for sales, purchases, weigh only, as well as for updating the warehouse.

A unique feature for Agri Business is the ability to relay date/time stamped events back with the video footage of what occurred throughout the day including: delivery and receipt documents, vehicles in and out, weighbridge events, and more.

Key Features

  • Automatically enforce credit control at the weighbridge
  • Check and authorise weight documents for invoicing
  • Easily convert weight documents to invoices
  • Simple weighbridge interface for fast data entry
  • Invoices drill down to original weight documents
  • Real-time management information
  • Take live snapshots and video using built-in camera support
  • Facility to restrict access to sensitive information
  • Supports mandatory fields, test results, and haulage
  • Specialised driver operated touch screen kiosk interface

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