How To Maintain 100% Accuracy In Stock Records Of The Business?


Have you ever heard about “Too many cooks spoil the broth”? This article talks about a similar scenario but applied in the management industry. However, we are not going to highlight the stock records problems only but shall be providing a solution for an efficient workplace. Everyone is aware of the complexity at workplace like Manufacturing, Distribution and Food Industry. They are exposed to on-going task in the warehouse, factory site etc where the number of labours is involved in the process. These number of labours often do mistake and that’s human nature but have you ever thought about how those mistakes can be eradicated?

How about we give you a solution to make your business simple with just a few clicks?

It’s all about being smart in today’s world. If you’re an entrepreneur or on top-level management, you need to think of smart ways to accomplish your task or generate efficiency at the workplace which will save on time and can allow you to conduct multiple tasks in one go.

This unorganised process can be ruled out completely with the help of a touchscreen system known as Kiosk. The kiosk is a touchscreen system which will help to delegate, facilitate, control and report business procedures which occurs in the warehouse, weighbridge, and on the factory floor. It is one of the best systems any organisation can use at their workplace to generate growth and revenue without any hassle and few manpower requirements.

Stock Records with Herbst Kiosk Checkpoint Stock Records with Herbst Kiosk Checkpoint

Why is Kiosk a MUST in today’s business life?

If the nature of your business comprises of goods/products to be manufactured or distributed. Here Kiosk will do a great job, leaving behind the old school technique where employees had to run with papers to note down the batch number or product details on the paper and then pass it on to another person to put in the system. With the advanced technology, an employee’s job role will be simply to scan the batch code of the product and all the information along with the minor details of the product shall be automatically registered on the Kiosk which eliminates the paper risk.

One of the major concerns about Food, Manufacturing and Distribution industry is related to stock records. There are often when an employee counts the stock wrong or forgets to count a few stocks which are human nature and manually enters the information on the paper. He later realises that few stocks are missing and want to add on the number of stocks on the same paper. However, he has to now run and search for a particular paper from the bundle of papers. This sounds like a terrible process. This can be avoided by using Kiosk on the factory floor where a person can operate the kiosk and add the missing stocks within a few minutes.

Business-related to production consist of too many activities to track down and to remember. However, Kiosk helps in reducing the hassle and simplifies the task. This system helps you to add the raw materials or any ingredient which an employee must have forgotten to add before finalising the end product thereby providing complete flexibility.

To know more about Kiosk click here

So, hurry up smart people and get your hands on the new and advanced technology to make business and life simple!

Stock Records Stock Records


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