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How can you choose a good small business accounting software?

How can you choose a good small business accounting software?

“It’s just not working!”

“I’m getting so many errors!”

“We have so many new clients, the accounting system can’t keep up!”

“This sucks!”

Are these some of the comments you hear from your Accounting team every month when trying to rectify accounts? If so, looks like it might be time to make a change.

But, where to start? If you Google ‘invoicing software’, hundreds of options are generated in search results. Many claim to meet all your needs…but how can they? They don’t know your business like you do. They don’t understand the challenges you face within the industries you serve.

To start any search, you need to know your business well. Talk to the people on the front lines of your company and ask some key questions:

  • What isnt working?
  • What is working?
  • Explain the flow of data, to the point of invoicing (document it)
  • What kinds of reports are required?
  • What features and functions do they need to be successful and to meet all the clients needs?
  • What will integrate cleanly with existing/legacy systems?
  • What are the growth plans for the company over the next 5 years?

Then, look at it from a higher level:

  • Do you want a comprehensive accounting system (banking, invoicing, payroll, reporting, etc.) or just invoicing?
  • How many transactions (on average) are processed each month through the business bank account?
  • Do you need it to handle payroll as well?
  • What features and functions does your accountant recommend?
  • What other functions will you need (e.g. rostering, timesheets, inventory, job costing, etc.)?

In this phase of your discovery, there are no wrong questions.

Herbst Software has solutions that can address one of your key issues or provide a fully comprehensive, end-to-end accounting solution that will meet all your company’s needs now and for the future.

Ultimately, it all starts with you.

You may even want to expand upon your immediate needs and look at a more robust installation:

  • Automated debt recovery system that sends customisable, escalating emails/notifications to overdue accounts
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Manage multiple jobs with timesheets and accumulated costs
  • Handle complex rostering for casual and contract employees
  • Manage your inventory
  • Awesome, customisable reports

It is important to note that changing to a new accounting solution is not a simple process. It will be as complex as you are organised…meaning, the better prepared you and your people are, the simpler it will be.

You need to keep running your business throughout the process, so planning your operations and ensuring the transition is methodical is key. Make sure you have your best possible Project Manager as the single point of contact to avoid miscommunications or ‘scope creep’.

You know your business best. You know what you need to do to ensure it grows robustly and meet all the needs of your staff, clients and shareholders.

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