How an integrated mobile solution can improve your business


You have critical client data needed for a meeting. You are on the road and the client wants to see you now. The data you need is on Jonah’s laptop on a spreadsheet you are not sure is up to date. Worse, Jonah is on vacation and the laptop is at his house, while he is on a beach…somewhere.

Looks like you will be facing your best client ill-prepared, risking a great opportunity to make your quarter.

The ability to operate in a nimble and robust manner is contingent on your ability to have full customer intelligence available immediately.

An end to end ERP solution which is fully integrated into all your core processes will allow you and your team to be able to know exactly what is happening with each client and each project – and be able to answer the most common questions that come up during a normal day:

Are we on time with project XYZ?

Are we running over budget on costs?

Are all our resources at capacity, or can we do some shuffling?

Are we getting paid on time?

Are our customers happy?

With an integrated solution, you will be able to answer these questions, and more.

To be able to access key data and sales figures through a single portal is not only convenient, it is essential to remaining competitive in your (or any) industry.

Herbst Software offers multiple integrated solutions for:

By having mobile access to your integrated data, you can create standardised forms and templates as well as be able to gather the experiences from previous projects and apply them to future projects. This can be done by having a central, robust data infrastructure.

Once you do, it does not matter that Jonah is on the beach enjoying his vacation. Or, that you wish that could be you. You will have access from your tablet or laptop to all the data you need – and be able to share it with your clients in real time.

This is not only an amazing way for you to meet and exceed all your customer’s expectations but the perfect way to have a clear advantage over your competitors.

By providing the right tools to your team and allowing them to focus on their projects and customers and not the process itself, their productivity will improve.

By providing mobile solutions, you allow your company to have the most current and relevant data available to all your teams and your clients from anywhere, anytime.

With an integrated approach to data and customer intelligence management, you reduce errors, misunderstandings and ensure you are always on time and on budget. Then you can book that beach vacation, worry free!


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