How an ERP with mobile solution can help a Quarry & Concrete business


Your business is all about delivery. Not just actual, physical deliveries to your customers’ job sites, but your ability to deliver your services on time and on budget to your clients.  You know you have superior services and can meet or exceed all your clients’ expectations. With the right tools and infrastructure, you will be able to confidently do exactly that, every time.

Quarry sites have many restrictions and regulations. The fewer time trucks spend on site, and the faster they can move materials in and out, the better. Environmental concerns force quarry and concrete manufacturers to not only manage the impact their processes have on the immediate environment, but what impact the trucks and other supporting equipment have on the surrounding areas and natural wildlife habitats.

Through measurable efficiencies, you will be able to minimize any potential negative impact by tightly controlling all traffic and essential equipment use.

Improved communication: With the right tools, your teams will be able to coordinate deliveries and ensure there are no backlogs or backups at the job sites. With the touch of a finger on a mobile device, the full status of the materials delivery is available, including the current location, name of the driver and a photo of where the materials were delivered!

Access to real-time information: Being up to date with your materials and customer information is essential. This not only indicates you know what you are doing, it prevents duplicate orders, missed orders or requests and allows you to have that up to the minute intelligence your customers want (and expect) you to have. When your ERP is centralised, well managed and current, you place a powerful tool in your team’s hands!

Incorporating traditionally off-line information: In the past, your team has been burdened with a plethora of paper file folders, clipboards with relevant information on them. They would have to wait until they got to their laptop or back into the office to provide updates. Imagine having a tablet, connected to your central database where they can input information on the go!

Improved project management: your project management tasks need to be aligned exactly with the plan. The plan and the scope of the plan ensure you remain on time and on budget throughout the lifespan of any project. With comprehensive data on hand all the time, you PMs will be able to share their progress with lateral teams and sub-contractors who rely on their ability to deliver materials when required.

Materials and delivery intelligence:

From end-to-end, have all the information you need to manage the materials you are either processing or delivering. Knowing the volumes you are managing, where they are to go and how they can be delivered in conjunction with construction schedules will allow you to ensure you do not have trucks waiting at a job site or materials not yet on delivery holding up the schedule on a project.

Your team is now mostly mobile and they need all the information possible on hand to deliver on the project tasks and meet the timeline demands.  Construction schedules are precise and require each supplier and service organisation to fulfill their obligations. Herbst Software offers a multitude of mobile and centralised ERP solutions for the quarry and concrete industries.



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