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In the ever-evolving landscape of business efficiency, one common challenge stands out – the need to streamline and simplify processes. At Herbst Software we believe that every company should strive for optimal efficiency by eliminating paperwork, manual data entry, and duplicative tasks. This philosophy serves as the bedrock of our cutting-edge self-service kiosks, designed to empower your workforce and enhance productivity across various business sectors.

In this blog, we delve into the world of our innovative kiosk solutions, unveiling the essence of their philosophy and the transformative capabilities they bring to your operations. What exactly are these kiosks, and how do they revolutionise the way your employees interact with various tasks? Let’s explore the boundless potential of our simple touch-screen solutions and how they enhance your warehouse, weighbridge, and factory floor operations.


What is a Kiosk?

Our Kiosks are simple touch screen solutions that enable workers to conduct goods in, stock take, production and dispatch procedures with ease using an intuitive user interface. It can be used to delegate, facilitate, control, and report business operations which occur in the warehouse, weighbridge, and on the factory floor. Additionally, it also considers the needs of businesses with large stock or special requirements like traceability and batch management. 

Management can delegate duties to warehouse personnel and catch critical data in real-time whilst empowering front-line staff to do their duties correctly. The solution is extremely customisable, with the ability to allow for all common inputs such as barcode scanners, weighing equipment, physical keyboards, mice and touch-screens, which can all be used for data input. Each individual employee is able to do their job as simply and efficiently as possible with minimal interference from the back office.


In the realm of modern business operations, apps have emerged as powerful tools that revolutionise efficiency and productivity. Where applicable, these innovative applications empower staff members to effortlessly scan items in stock using mobile devices and scanners, creating a seamless interoperability with the kiosks. This integration facilitates a streamlined process, enabling multiple individuals to conduct stock scanning simultaneously, thereby significantly enhancing efficiency across the organisation. As central control centers, the kiosks play a pivotal role in maintaining comprehensive control and upholding quality assurance standards, ensuring that every step of the workflow adheres to the highest levels of precision and accuracy. With the harmonious synergy of mobile apps and kiosks, businesses can unlock unparalleled potential, optimising their operations and propelling their success to new heights.


Herbst’s range of kiosks

Herbst Kiosks represent a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions designed to streamline and optimise various aspects of modern business operations. With a focus on efficiency, productivity, and seamless integration, each kiosk offers specialised functionalities to cater to specific stages of your workflow. Whether it’s managing goods in, overseeing production, controlling stock and location transfers, managing weighbridge operations, or facilitating goods out processes, Herbst Kiosks are equipped to meet your unique business needs. Each kiosk features an intuitive user interface, empowering your workforce to perform tasks effortlessly, while ensuring real-time data capture and centralised control for management. Embrace the future of operational excellence with Herbst Kiosks, unlocking the full potential of your business at every step of the way.


Goods in – simplifies and automates the process of receiving and logging incoming goods, ensuring efficient stock management and accurate record-keeping.

Production – streamlines and automates production processes, enabling efficient tracking, monitoring, and quality control throughout the production cycle.

Stock control – facilitates efficient inventory management by providing real-time visibility, accurate tracking, and streamlined stock adjustments.

Location & internal transfer (LIT) – enables seamless tracking and efficient movement of goods within a facility, ensuring accurate inventory location management and streamlined internal transfers.

Weighbridge – simplifies and automates the weighing and measurement process for incoming and outgoing goods, ensuring accurate and efficient load management

Goods out- streamlines and automates the process of preparing and dispatching goods, ensuring efficient order fulfillment and accurate shipment documentation.


General Benefits from Herbst Kiosks


Solutions offered by self service kiosks












How will this help your business?

By integrating Herbst Kiosks into your business operations, you open the door to a new era of efficiency and productivity. Real-time updates to your back office enable you to bid farewell to the cumbersome tasks of manual data entry and duplication, liberating your administrative staff from tedious paperwork and redundant processes. Embracing a paperless and leaner business approach empowers your team to focus on strategic decision-making and core tasks, driving innovation and growth. With streamlined goods in, production, stock control, weighbridge management, and goods out processes, your organisation will experience enhanced accuracy and reduced operational overheads. 


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