Herbst Insight Release Candidate


This update concentrates mostly on the Self-Service Kiosks, especially the Goods Receipt Kiosk (GRK) and the Stock Take Kiosk (STK). The new features include the facility to scale/zoom the kiosks screens to achieve the best user experience irrespective of hardware used, support of the “Counting Scales” methodology, prevention of any accidental data loss during a long lasting stock counting process, a lot of improvements in the kiosks graphic user interface, and a set of new user-level customisation options. The Stock Take procedure has been enhanced considering the needs of businesses with large stock or special requirements like traceability and batch management. Some performance issues have been successfully identified and fixed as well.

Please note that this version has the Release Candidate status and is available exclusively to our resellers and partners for some time.

Visit Herbst Software Support Center to look through the detailed list of new features and enhancements in this version.


Herbst Software

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