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Herbst Hippo – Touchscreen Driver Kiosk Launching At CQMS 2021

We’re excited to be launching our new driver kiosk “Herbst Hippo” at CQMS 2021 on the 10th & 11th of September. We’re looking forward to showing you all how it can be utilised to simplify the weighbridge process, saving valuable time & money while reducing backend administration within your business. 

Our touchscreen driver Kiosk, “Herbst Hippo”, has been designed in conjunction with the Quarry & Concrete, Agri and Aggregate industries. Designed for environments where tickets are required and drivers are required to weigh in/out using the weighbridge, this self-service Kiosk is suitable for all weather conditions, rain sleet or snow. Featuring a rugged stainless steel design with a waterproof anti glare touchscreen.

How does our self service driver Kiosk work?

The key here is in the name, complete self service for the driver. The weighbridge links directly with the Herbst system, meaning drivers can weigh in/out and print tickets on the spot without any intervention from the back office, the driver doesn’t even have to leave his cab.

The driver kiosk is integrated with our HQ system, meaning live updates to back office and centralised, accessible information. This means a huge workload can be taken off of back office administrative staff, automating the weighbridge process.

How does the driver use the Hippo?

  1. When driving onto the weighbridge, the driver logs in to the touch screen kiosk using a swipe card.
  2. The driver then chooses his load from a list of assigned orders.
  3. Order details are shown, the driver calculates their weight and confirms.
  4. Driver signs for the load & the ticket is printed directly from the kiosk.
  5. Orders can also then be transferred to our mobile application, Herbst Trucker, where they can use their smartphone to manage the delivery & collect a signature, allowing for completely paperless electronic POD.

What are the benefits? 

  • Reduce time spent at the weighbridge – quick turnarounds and vital timesaving for your business. As soon as a driver weighs in or out it is reflected on the main system.
  • Live information – accounts are updated in real time, meaning instant and actionable information.
  • Reduced paperwork & administration – Driver kiosk is fully integrated with the main Herbst system. Print tickets & update information without intervention from the back office.
  • Integrated with our trucker mobile application for paperless POD.

Watch our video below which gives you an introduction to Herbst Hippo.

When is the Hippo available & how do I order?

Our driver kiosk is available now and is currently being used in Quarries across the country. To find out more or view a demonstration, simply visit our stand at the CQMS show for a coffee and a chat, or alternatively visit our contact page and schedule a call with our sales team.


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