Herbst Cloud Client

Mobile Solution For The Sales Team & Account Managers


    Watch the video to complete
    understanding the Herbst Cloud Client

    • Access to live customer account status, summarised..with drill down to any original docs;
    • Quick visibility on any product… see stock live availability, sales prices, special prices, descriptions, photos, even technical documents can be accessed;
    • Create SQ, SO, DD, SI and catch any necessary digital signature;
    • See previous customer correspondence & quickly add any new POI with follow-ups;
    • Manage existing sales pipeline and add new prospects;
    • Check for other customers in close proximity. Catch more than one bird one stone!
    • Reduce time spent answering important but internal enquires about the customer accounts, order status, and product info because now it’s directly available to the sales rep in a much easier way.
    • On the road negotiated so or adjusted special prices have been entered directly into the system in real time. So telesales or even despatch can confidently continue the business process. Not having to wait for the sales rep to return back to the office.
    • The Sales Manager “has all CRM activities logged in real time by rep”. You can easily analysis performance of individuals and identify related opportunities from HQ;
    • By improving your overall sales business processes there’s an immediate positive repercussion throughout your whole business. Preventing costly errors whilst apply efficiencies is only complementary to more competitive business;
    • Your improving customer service while Simultaneously facilitating your sales team;
    • It’s an easy learn, turnkey solution advanced enough to deal with intricacies of a B2B sales environment

    Our Features

    Explore the many benefits of
    deploying the Herbst Cloud Client solution.

    Android/iOS Application

    Our Herbst Cloud Client application works on all Android/iOS devices since your version would be 5 or later.

    Check Customers Proximity

    Once you finish your customer visit you can plan your next one through the app by seeing if you have any close opportunities.

    Fully Integrated

    True, real-time data updates and access. Cloud Client's robust integration functionality will allow each project to have all the data required at hand, to support your team.

    Check Credit Control

    You can check customers credit control in real time.

    Digital Signature

    You can catch any necessary digital signature from your customer.

    Stock Availability

    You can check for a specific product anytime in real-time.

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    We can provide a free demo for you and your team to see exactly how Herbst Software is the best solution. Just call or email, and we will make it happen.

    • We can simulate the app in real time;
    • See how the Herbst Cloud Client app integrates with the ERP;
    • See the photos in real time;
    • With the information you provide to us, we create a full, contextual simulation.