Herbst Cattle released


Considerable internal changes in Cattle 3 brought about numerous improvements, made the programme work even faster, and user interface became even handier.

Look through the full list of changes:
New columns “Daily Weight Gain Since Moving In”, “Weight Gain Since Moving In” in Animals in Herd view.
Animal Purchase action in animals views.
Remote Assistance Tool is improved.
Remote reboot: it is now possible to restart the remote computer.
Existing animals support in New Animal wizard.
Columns contained in Animals views are now available in Weighings view.
Weigh Wizard shows last 3 weighings now.
All the changes made in Main, Weighing, Remedies and Calf tabs of Animal Quick View are recorded to the database immediately.
In-cell editing of Weighings on Weighings tab of Animal Quick View is removed. Now Weighings are edited through dialogue windows.
Tools button is added to all quick views. Some more additional commands became available now.
“Open Animal Quick View when I click Finish” check box is removed from the final window of Add New Animal Wizard.
“Use Code Scanner” check box is removed from User Options window (Settings -> Users (double-click a user) -> Options) as now all new animals are added through Add Animal Wizard where code scanner is used by default.
Weight at Moving In/Off is displayed in Weighings view now.

Please visit Herbst Software Support Center and download the latest version.


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