Herbst Attendance released


Take advantage of a new Proxy Server device which will allow you to set up the distributed environment for reading clockings much easier and faster.

The latest update includes:
New Enter Date/Time attribute in the Clocking record that allows to trace when the clocking was entered to the system.
The Calendar tab in the Employee Quick View window takes into consideration the First Day of Week parameter from the Company Settings.
The command line option “/Connection” (without “/CompanyName”, “/UserName”, “/UserPassword”) can be used to specify the connection which will be chosen by default in the Company Login window.
New functions are available in the Report Designer:
– AttTimeToStr, StrToAttTime, StrToAttTimeDef, and TryStrToAttTime.
– StrToIntDef, TryStrToInt, TryStrToFloat, TryStrToDate, TryStrToDateTime, and TryStrToTime.
Improved Remote Assistance Tool (TeamViewer 6.0.11052).
The “Reset Administrator” command for the F4/iClock 2500 devices (available on the shortcut menu of the Device Manager window).
New Proxy Server device allows to receive clockings from other Device Managers.
This will allow to deploy Herbst Attendance in the distributed environment. For example, you may install a Device Manager on a remote site so it can read the clockings from local devices and transfer them to a Proxy Server device.
Import from Herbst HRM 12 (2010) and Herbst HRM 14 (2011). Import from Herbst HRM 9 (2007) and Import from HRM 10 (2008) are eliminated.
Firebird 2.0.6 is included into the installation package.
Server Manager: Facility to see/modify database properties.
The Excel Import/Export utilities don’t require Microsoft Office to be installed anymore.
The Convert, Rebuild, Repair, and Service Pack utilities in the Server Manager will create backup copies (*.~at1) of databases with date/time stamp and the utility name in their names. Earlier backup copies will not be deleted.
New display formats “[Time]”, “[Days]”, “[Hours]”, and “[Minutes]” are available in the Report Designer.

Please visit Herbst Software Support Center and download the latest version.


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