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Food & Drink Software Special Offer

Special offers for deals before 2020.

Schedule a Free Demo and earn up to 3000€ competitive upgrade for Food & Drink Software.

Are you looking for a productive food & drink solution for your industry? We are offering the best solution by providing Free Demonstration of our upgraded and advanced software and also free competitive upgrade up to 3000€ if you finalise the deal before 2020. So hurry up! Schedule a free demo with our experts and get benefited by the efficient services for your industry.

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    Automated Kiosk.

    One system, many solutions.

    Make life simple with our advanced Kiosk solution. Kiosk machine eliminates paperwork and maintains accurate records of the goods received and dispatched from time to time. It simplifies the manual process by simple touch screen interface which is used to delegate, facilitate, control and report business procedures in the food and drink industry. It highlights discrepancies between expected and actual product information.

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