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What does the Extra Module mean?

Depending on your particular business or industry, you may need additional functionality in order for your teams to be effective and to serve your customer better than your competitors can. Stand out from the rest with robust, end-to-end ERP functionality available from anywhere. No matter what industry you serve, using Advanced Budgets and Targets allows you to have a centralised view of all data and deliverables.

Having a clear overview of all tasks and actions that are an integral part of your business allows you to streamline production, reduce costs and manage project scope proactively and efficiently.

Manufacturers can track the progress of products and teams in the plant with Factory Jobber and control schedules and production logistics with the Assembly Manufacturing module. Monitor a specific batch job with the Traceability module, eliminating extra paperwork and chasing of information on the plant floor.

We Cover All Main Departments

Finance & Accounts

Catching nearly all transactions as they happen while automatically updating the nominal ledger eliminates paper chasing and duplication.


The solution is orientated around managing the whole business, and improving procedures around operations, stocks, services, cash flow, sales, purchases, and accounts.

Marketing & Sales

The sales ledger is completely integrated into all aspects of the system and empowers the sales manager to coordinate, standardise, monitor and manage transactions in real-time.


Enforce full traceability on a batch level while dealing with all relevant stock movements within your purchasing, mixing, and selling business processes.

Extra Modules

Extra Modules Mobile

There is no question. Being mobile in any industry is essential and a standard feature for any software solution. Herbst Software understands this and offers multiple mobile solutions.

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