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Digitising your business

Customers are spending more and more time online, and if your business isn’t adapting to provide more digital services, you may be missing out on huge growth opportunities. Digitising your business can not only streamline operations but can transform the experience and services you offer to your customers.

What does it mean to digitise your business?

The demand for businesses to digitise has grown dramatically, so what does it mean to digitise your business? Put very simply, it means incorporating technology into the everyday operations and running of your business to increase efficiency, drive sales & enhance customer satisfaction.

This could mean developing an ecommerce website, offering alternative payment options or introducing things like mobile applications to your workforce to increase their productivity. The goal of digitising your business is to keep up with the rapidly changing economy by offering your customers more ways to access your business, cut costs, and streamline daily operations.

Why do businesses digitise?

Saving time & money

Storing countless files & paper documents can cost your business money, whether it’s labour costs or expenses such as space and supplies. By incorporating a digital format for documents, you can save costs and valuable time which can be transferred into different areas of your business.

Centralised access to necessary information

Keeping everyone on the same page can only happen when information is stored in an accessible place, such as a web-based drive. Allowing your team members access to the information they need keeps business moving and sets the standard.

If your customer has a question about a product or status of an order for example, it’s easy for your employees to access the information they require, as it is held in a centralised area. Without that ease of access, your team member has to ask someone else, which could mean relying on third-hand and potentially inaccurate information, or spend valuable time hunting down documentation. When information is digitised, it can be accessed and utilised quickly & efficiently.

Customer experience

In an increasingly digital world, many customers prefer the convenience and ease of online transactions. Whether it is offering digital payments or streamlining order processing through a mobile app, digitising your business can optimise the experience for your customers

One of the solutions we have developed here at Herbst is our b2b web portal, which offers complete online self-service for your customers where they can login, reprint historical transactions, order new products and make payments at any time. This solution adds value to your services from a customer’s perspective, allowing for more flexibility in their purchasing processes.

Due to the integrated nature of the solution, products can be linked and synchronized directly from within the core system, making it quick and easy to add new products or edit existing ones. The ability to customise the web portal based on your own company branding, having the ability to re-order past orders, and view past statements and invoices gives you the tools you need to have a fully featured web shop for your business. This kind of solution can help you facilitate the digitisation of your business, offering value to the customer and streamlining your own operations.

Boost productivity & efficiency

Every business can benefit by increasing productivity & efficiency across the board, and there are hundreds of digital tools to help streamline your business operations, from mobile solutions to touchscreen technology & more.

For example, let’s take a company which has a number of sales reps out in the field. By giving them a powerful mobile solution you can increase their productivity & empower them, while also getting rid of unnecessary paperwork and dockets. Our mobile sales app here at Herbst, allows your sales personnel to access customer information, view live inventory levels, agree special prices & add new sales opportunities / prospects from their mobile phone. As well as being able to create quotes, orders & invoices in real-time.
Our touchscreen kiosk technology can allow you to remove paperwork & unnecessary duplication while controlling operations from the warehouse / factory floor. Conduct goods in, production & dispatch procedures from an easy to use touchscreen interface. This kind of solution goes a long way in facilitating digitisation by removing manual administration & streamlining your time management.

How can I digitise my business?

Create a digital marketing strategy

Businesses need an online presence to grow in today’s technology driven landscape. Digital marketing strategies can help businesses reach new customers, increase brand awareness, and boost sales.

A few ways to market your business online are by developing a mobile optimized business website, using email marketing campaigns, or by using social media to engage with new and existing customers.

Utilising Ecommerce

With more and more customers looking online for their goods and services, incorporating ecommerce into your business is a must. A good ecommerce website helps promote your business while also allowing customers to view your product range & services while placing orders at a time that’s convenient for them.

Using CRM software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a digital tool that your business can use to organize and manage customer information, as well as potential opportunities. Our integrated CRM solution here at Herbst can allow you to create targeted email/SMS marketing campaigns, track correspondence with your customers and identify opportunities.

Overall, using CRM software can help your business provide a better customer experience, develop more effective marketing strategies, and generate a more loyal customer base.
Mobile solutions

Getting rid of paperwork & duplication by using mobile solutions is a key step to digitise your business, whether it is an app to manage deliveries (check out our trucker application), an app for sales personnel or a solution for employees working on large projects/jobs.

Digitisation tips for your business

Set goals

What do you hope to accomplish from digitising your business? Maybe it is to increase brand awareness or streamline operations. Whatever your aspirations are, establish clear goals and stick to them. By setting objectives at the start, you keep the trajectory of your business growth moving toward the milestones you want to achieve.

Build a strategy

Once you’ve got clear goals to aim for, one of the most important steps in reaching important milestones for your business is to develop an effective strategy.

When it comes to digitising your business, this means establishing the digital tools you will integrate into your business operations, identifying where you can swap out current functions for streamlined online options, and developing a plan for how you will integrate technologies into your business seamlessly.

To find out more about how we can help you facilitate digitising your business, please visit our contact page and request a call, we’d be happy to talk to you.


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