The Digital Scorecard


The Digital scorecard is an important first step towards taking your company on it’s journey towards digital transformation. The Digital Scorecard will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and you will gain an understanding of where your digital skills, strengths and gaps lie.

It is free for all Irish companies to use, so check out your digital scorecard rating Here

How Herbst Software can have an Impact on your Digital Score

At Herbst Software, our aim is to bring companies into the Digital Age with a bang!

An Irish company that makes software specialised for the Irish Market, we offer one system which is fully integrated to meet all of your digital needs. We can bring you through your digital journey with minimal interruption to your business and without having to deal with too many companies. 

Herbst offer a ‘one stop’ digital transformation!

The Digital Scorecard will help you understand the need for digitising your company and Herbst can help you on your journey by integrating all your business processes and improving efficiencies of your site operations.

Find out how Herbst integrated software can help simplify your business processes and increase efficiency across all departments in our video below:

Developing a Digital Culture

Once you have found your results from the digital scorecard, you can start to understand how a digital culture within the workplace will help you within your business!

At Herbst Software we offer a fully integrated business management solution. There are no information silos, each and every element of the business is connected, transforming the company’s culture and digital attributes in one step. This drives the profitability and resilience of the company while minimising wasteful repetitive practices. 

Workforce and Skills

This all-inclusive digital shift will encompass the entire workforce; the level of skill change will be tiered across the organisation. Herbst Software solutions are designed to be as easy to use as possible, catering to non-English speakers at the factory/ production floor level. Intuitive and well designed views allow for production managers, accounts and others to seamlessly run their tasks with minimal training. Tiered access levels ensure employees only have access to what they need, streamlining responsibilities.

Management and Operations


Imagine digitising all of these documents… for them to be automatically and instantly shared with the relevant parties under the gaze full watch of our credit control! What more could we ask for?

The biggest change will come in the free flow of information across Management and Operations. Automate the flow of information, no more counting and recounting, passing papers, excel sheets, ticking boxes etc etc…… all of these activities can be automated within one System. All information is available to the right person at the right time, updating each element automatically as it occurs.

Product & Service and Development and Delivery

As every piece of inventory, information and product is tracked across the whole of the organisation, this allows for the perfect service every time. There is no chance for substandard goods to slip through the net, our sales and delivery apps ensure the products and services are delivered in top class condition, on time and with accountability built in along the supply chain. In the event of a recall, our batching feature allows for minimum disruption and detailed analysis. 

Sales and Marketing

As all systems are now interlinked, your sales and marketing teams can see the information they need to drive sales and create the campaigns that will drive profitability for your company. Sales reps can deal with OOS on the road, they can cross or upsell to meet an OSS, no more wasted sales calls or opportunities . Our CRM will let you can see that a customer has not bought ‘product X’ in a while, marketing can target them with a new campaign based on gaps to ensure you are retaining and growing your business. We also offer a web portal that not only lets your customers buy 24/7 with no interaction with staff, but it is a full account management tool where they can pay, view their deliveries, order history and much more. 

Regulations and compliance

Digitisation of your business with Herbst software enforces best business practice across the board. Enforced accountability and checks wherever required are put in place to meet legislative and company standards. Your information is safe and secure with Herbst Software’s stringent security protocols.

Bottom Line

If you have completed the digital scorecard and results are indicating that digitising your company will help improve your operations, Herbst Software can bring your company up to date with the software you need to make your organisation as efficient and profitable as possible. We can provide the business intelligence you need to make the big decisions with confidence and continuously improve your operation and you now have the data to do it.


Sample business process and integration of applications above.


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