De Minimis Process


In the context of Enterprise Ireland’s training grants, “De Minimis” refers to a specific type of financial assistance provided by the European Commission to support businesses. The De Minimis Regulation allows EU member states to provide aid to companies up to a certain threshold without needing to notify the European Commission, as long as the aid doesn’t distort competition within the EU.

For Enterprise Ireland’s training grants, this means that the grants provided to businesses for training purposes fall under this De Minimis Regulation. The grants are given within certain financial limits set by the regulation, and they are considered small enough not to significantly distort competition. This allows Enterprise Ireland to provide training support to companies without the need for complex approval processes from the European Commission.

Depending on your business, you may find your company in a situation where you need the system to cater to some specific requirements. Yes, Herbst Insight Enterprise can accommodate, outlining the basic details below:

Contact your Enterprise Ireland representative for details.


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