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What does the Core Module mean?

Herbst Software’s core modules offer robust and user-friendly solutions for any enterprise, big or small. Manage not only which customers have a solid payment history, but be able to vet potential customers’ credit standing with the Credit Control module. When customers want to know if you have a specific item in stock, you and your team will be able to tell them with the enhanced Purchase and Stock Ledger modules. Ensure your internal AP and AR process are current and available securely to those staff members who need them with the Nominal Ledger module. This is also supported by the Sales Ledger, allowing you to manage commissions, shipping and invoicing from any device.

With PC, tablet and SmartPhone accessible solutions, you and your teams will have clean, current and customer-centric data at their fingertips. No longer will you have to say to your customer, ‘Let me get back to you!’ Now, you can show them in real-time, the status of their order, where the order is and where it will be delivered at the construction site.

Herbst Core Modules are a great start to implementing an end-to-end ERP solution at your company.

We Cover All Main Departments

Finance & Accounts

Catching nearly all transactions as they happen while automatically updating the nominal ledger eliminates paper chasing and duplication.


The solution is orientated around managing the whole business, and improving procedures around operations, stocks, services, cash flow, sales, purchases, and accounts.

Marketing & Sales

The sales ledger is completely integrated into all aspects of the system and empowers the sales manager to coordinate, standardise, monitor and manage transactions in real-time.


Enforce full traceability on a batch level while dealing with all relevant stock movements within your purchasing, mixing, and selling business processes.

Core Modules

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