Connecting Your Business – A Fully Integrated Software Solution


What can a fully integrated software solution bring to your business? Here at Herbst software we encounter different challenges and scenarios daily, from companies using multiple disconnected software platforms to complex business processes in need of simplification. Whether you’re using an accounting software alongside other 3rd party applications or multiple systems to handle different areas of your business, we can offer a single solution to unify & centralise your business.


The back office needs to see real-time & concise information and have access to relevant information at the touch of a button. Our core system brings the key information you need to your fingertips, such as customer information, credit control, sales, purchasing & powerful reporting functionality. From our work across multiple industries, we understand the requirements for the back office to run smoothly & efficiently, and this is something our core accounts solution brings to the table.

Scan App

Our scan app can be used on a mobile device or tablet and offers a vast amount of flexibility depending on the requirements of your business. The user can open the app, choose the document they would like to create (sales order, purchase order, invoice, quotation, job transfer etc) and scan product barcodes to create the chosen document with the required quantities. This can be very useful in a large warehouse environment or a large store with a trade counter, where scanning product barcodes to quickly generate a document on your ERP system can help save time & administration. With the scan app, you could scan barcodes to move items from one stock location to another, create a sales quotation, create a purchase order, transfer materials into a job and much more. 

Sales App

A powerful tool for sales representatives, they have the ability to produce quotes, orders, deliveries, and invoices. Before heading to meet a client, the sales representative can see all the customers specific credit details, record and view historical correspondence between your company and the customer, as well as checking the real-time stock levels of the range of products you offer. It can also give the sales representatives vital sales information like special pricing, access to statements and previous transaction history and allows for the tracking of potential prospects and opportunities. Additionally, whilst on-site in the middle of a sales process, the sales representative can browse the product ledger for alternative and potential items. A vital tool for any personnel who might be out on the road or working out of office.

Herbst Hippo – Self Service Driver Kiosk

Our touchscreen driver Kiosk, “Herbst Hippo”, has been designed in conjunction with the Quarry & Concrete, Agri and Aggregate industries. Designed for environments where tickets are required and drivers are required to weigh in/out using the weighbridge, this self service Kiosk is suitable for all weather conditions, rain sleet or snow. Featuring a rugged stainless steel design with a waterproof anti glare touchscreen.

How does our self service driver Kiosk work? The key here is in the name, complete self service for the driver. The weighbridge links directly with the Herbst system, meaning drivers can weigh in/out and print tickets on the spot without any intervention from the back office, the driver doesn’t even have to leave his cab.

Trucker – Mobile Solution For Drivers

Our trucker application has been developed in conjunction with the quarry & concrete industry. This mobile solution allows drivers to conduct vehicle checks, create routing sheets with orders and dispatch details & capture signatures via e-dockets, all in real-time.

From pickup to delivery, you can keep your team and your clients up to date with the current location of a delivery, ETA, proof of delivery and assurance that all of your vehicles are safe and properly maintained. Directly integrated with our driver kiosk allowing you to adopt a paperless POD approach. 

Herbst Kiosks – Control The Receipt, Manufacture And Dispatch Of Goods From The Warehouse / Factory Floor.

Our Kiosks are simple touchscreen solutions, fully integrated with our ERP system, that allow employees to conduct goods in, stock take, production and dispatch procedures in real-time with an easy to use & intuitive user interface. Allow key personnel to delegate, facilitate and control operations that occur on the factory floor or in a warehouse environment as they happen.

Touchscreen kiosk benefits:

Demo Videos

Our modular software design allows you to build as you need and create a system that is catered towards your requirements. A fully integrated system allows you to have complete visibility across various departments & will drastically reduce the amount of administration and paperwork involved in the day to day running of your business.

To find out more about how our fully integrated software solution can benefit your business, please contact us, we’d love to talk!


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