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With this solution, you have the capability to access and enter new details to and from your main system in real-time using your smartphone or tablet device. Whether you’re away from your desk or out of the office, you can have direct access to the most relevant data, with the capability of this information being updated instantly to the live system.

A powerful tool for sales representatives, they have the ability to produce quotes, orders, deliveries, and invoices. Before heading to meet a client, the sales representative can see all the customers specific credit details, record and view historical correspondence between your company and the customer, as well as checking the real-time stock levels of the range of products you offer. It can also give the sale representatives vital sales information like special pricing, access to statements and previous transaction history and allows for the tracking of potential prospects and opportunities. Additionally, whilst on-site in the middle of a sales process, the sales representative can browse the product ledger for alternative and potential items.

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