Centralising your data – Stop the spreadsheets!


Marco is your senior sales person. He wants to focus on larger accounts and hand off his smaller ones to the new, junior sales person Laura. But, they have a problem today. Marco is on the road, with his laptop where he has a wonderful, comprehensive spreadsheet with all his account info on it – and suddenly, one of his smaller clients called, wanting to meet with their new account manager, Laura. What do you do?

Catherine is responsible for accounts receivable in your company, and she wants to prepare an invoice for a large project that was just completed, but all the information on what was delivered is on Liam’s laptop, and he is offline. Needless to say, Catherine is not too happy and wished she could simply log in and access all the info she needs. This happens all too often for Catherine and she is not shy telling you about it.

This situation is not uncommon at many companies; with data in disparate locations or in a vulnerable state on a laptop or tablet that can be damaged, or worse, stolen.

Company policies regarding the control and handling of critical data may be in place but are often not enforced. Security policies may not be adhered to or treated lightly by staff who claim to be ‘too busy’ to follow the policies you worked hard to put in place.

Your data is the heart and soul of your business. So why are you treating it so badly?

Herbst Software offers a plethora of solutions to not only secure your valuable customer and project data but to make it available to your mobile teams through a simple and secure App-based interface.

A robust ERP that can be accessed via well-supported Apps from any mobile device will allow your teams to be able to have all customer intelligence on hand, no matter where they are. They will be able to collaborate and share customer updates in real-time, from wherever they are.

Imagine being able to sit in front of a client and have their entire profile at your fingertips. To be able to show them the current project budget, delivery schedules and the exact locations of their shipments. How many of your competitors are capable of offering this kind of service to their customers?

By having a centralized ERP, you will finally rid yourself of the dozens of disconnected spreadsheets, incomplete customer information and have a significantly more efficient project team who will have the tools they need available to them, any time…any place.

You know your customers, you know you and your team can deliver on time and on budget. By putting the rights tools in your teams’ hands, they will ensure the business succeeds.

Herbst Software offers a highly adaptable, robust, centralized ERP solution that can grow with your ever-changing business requirements economically and efficiently. By adding Apps and features as they are needed, you will always be ahead of your competition and will see measurably increased customer satisfaction.



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