Traceability Importance on Agricultural Business

We offer specialised integrated management and accounting systems for businesses within the Agriculture Sector.

It is currently one of the best solutions on the Irish market for:

  • Grain Storage and Seed Merchants;
  • Animal Feed Suppliers;
  • Farm Supplies Companies;
  • We provide management with a solid foundation, incorporating all fundamental aspects of running the whole business in one fully integrated solution;

Traceability is key in the modern Agricultural industry & finally, you can now relax in the knowledge that a system exists to integrate traceability into all functions. Herbst software will help you gain tremendous cost savings and achieve service improvements across the enterprise. It empowers senior management with real-time information on all processes. It helps you reduce duplication and paperwork by integrating ingredients & end product traceability. It also improves procedures & simplifies accountability.


  • Use existing batch numbers from suppliers or assign new batch numbers.
  • Adopt a “first in first out” batch allocation to dispatch goods.
  • Track ingredients used in end products and automatically assign new batch numbers.
  • Batch recall wizards which produce letters with referenced document numbers.
  • Assign inspection dates to batches.
  • Support Expiration date with dispatch controls.
  • Check goods received ingredients & assign your own procedures.
  • Prevent batch usage before certain quality checks.
  • See, select and manage stock by batch rather than by product alone.
  • BOM and other documents support multiple batches per line.

We do it for you!

Traceability, quality, regulatory compliance and rapid fulfillment are key features of us. Our business software was designed specifically for the food and beverage manufacturing industry with very specific features.

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