€9k Digitalisation Voucher with Herbst Software. How to claim yours?


The €9k Digitalisation Voucher – will provide strategic intervention for companies to work with third party consultants to develop a digital adaptation plan based on their identified need.

In February 2020 the Irish Government launched a new national digital strategy, Harnessing Digital – The Digital Ireland Framework, to drive and enable the digital transition across the Irish economy and society.

In this blog post we are going to have a look at the meaning and advantages of digitalisation. We will learn how it is intrinsically linked to sustainable production and how Herbst can help your Business avail of theThe €9k Digitalisation Voucher.

So what exactly is digitalisation?

We all know that business is changing faster than ever before largely down to the use of technology which allows us to automate many of the tedious business processes that once took up so much of our time and resources. Digitalisation is simply moving from pen and paper to PC’s, tablets and phones to conduct our everyday business. It is the transition to a paperless workplace but more importantly it allows for much greater communication and automation across your business.

Why is digitalisation so important for businesses? 

To remain competitive, businesses must embrace digitalisation. Digitalisation is not a new concept but it will soon be ubiquitous across many industries and those who do not adapt simply will not survive. Digital transformation offers enhanced data collection, stronger resource management capabilities, consumer insights and trends, increased profits, improved productivity and generally leaner and more sustainable work cultures. The increased collaboration between different business departments allows for a much more harmonious and fruitful work environment which is important in the current job market.

At Herbst Software by digitising processes, we help to manage the flow of information, inventory, manufacturing and finances across our customers’ entire supply chain. This live data reduces ambiguity and ensures full operational control from the management perspective while preventing waste at source. Our single entry system eliminates duplication of data and empowers employees to actively add value at every step of the business process. The beginning of your digitalisation journey with Herbst Software is intrinsically linked to a ‘green and lean’ transition for your company.

How can digitalisation make my business lean and green?

In many ways lean and sustainable methodologies have never been more important. Rising costs and out of control inflation have seen everybody tighten their belts and perhaps reexamine wasteful, redundant practices. Our team of consultants will audit your business practices and procedures. They will then make recommendations for digital solutions that mitigate wasteful, repetitious non-value-adding expenses. Digital cross department communication creates business intelligence, this allows for unparalleled control of your company. At any time you can know the exact state of your company, exactly how much inventory is on hand, the value of the inventory, your exact cash flow, sales by rep accurate to the second, the exact costs of your B.O.M’s, and trend reports available at the click of a button to name but a few. This power allows you to identify both the good and inaccurate practices with ease and adjust your operation at a moment’s notice. When we talk about sustainability, the number one action we can take is not to recycle or reuse but to reduce, Herbst Software gives you the power to reduce waste across your entire organisation while supporting best practice and continuous improvement.

Where do I start on my journey to digitalisation and how can the €9k Digitalisation Voucher help my business? 

Well you have already taken the first step. Recognising that competitive businesses in 2022 need to make the jump to a digital work environment, is half the battle.If you are an existing Enterprise Ireland member you can contact your assigned E.I representative to avail of the The €9k Digitalisation Voucher, alternativelyE.I members click here for online application
If you are not an E.I member don’t fret, we will give you a quick overview of the process including relevant  links below.

€9k Digitalisation Voucher

Develop a digital roadmap for your business by availing of the E.I €9k Digitalisation Voucher.

The €9k Digitalisation Voucher is open to:

All Enterprise Ireland clients who employ 10 or more staff ( link above)

Non-Enterprise Ireland client companiesthat operate within the manufacturing or internationally traded service sectors, who employed 10 or more full-time staff on their payroll on the 29th of February 2020 or employed 10 or more full-time staff at the time of application.

Can Herbst Software help to get the €9k digitalisation voucher with enterprise Ireland?

We have helped many of our existing clients to go to the next phase of their digitalisation journey with the aid of the The €9k Digitalisation Voucher.  If you are at the start of your journey, our experienced team of accredited ERP consultants, project managers, accountants, business coaches, technical report writers and data analysts will create a road-map for the digital transformation of your business. Our team will assess the following business functions and recommend the appropriate digital solutions:

Finance, Procurement, Account Management,Inventory Management, Manufacturing & Production, E-commerce, Remote Sales and P.O.S.

How do I become a member of Enterprise Ireland to get the 9K Digitalisation Voucher?

Enterprise Ireland works with entrepreneurs and business people across the full business development spectrum – from early-stage entrepreneurs, to established business owners and Irish multinational companies. Examples include established manufacturing and internationally traded services businesses that are SMEs or high potential start-up companies capable of starting a business and selling in export markets. Use the links below to contact your local office or send them a request to contact you about joining.

Click here for List of Local Enterprise Ireland Offices

Click here for Enterprise Ireland Contact Form

How do Non-Enterprise Ireland Client Companies get the 9K Digitalisation Voucher?

Non-enterprise Ireland Client companies who meet the criteria above can click this link to create a new account ( not membership). Once their account is set up they can complete their digital ready scorecard and follow the on this link.

Please be sure to contact us today for further advice on collecting your 9K Digitalisation Voucher!!!


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