5 Things you need to know about weighbridge accuracy


A credible weight system is essential for any industry using the measurement of weight as a benchmark for sale of a product. Understanding the factors affecting the weighbridge accuracy systems is therefore considered vital if measurement errors are to be minimized. 

Whether weight, or volume calculated from a weight measure, is used as a basis for payment, the accuracy and integrity of a weighing system is critical to both the buyer and seller. If the weighbridge system records payload weights that are too high, the buyer will be paying for products that he/she is not receiving. If, however, the weighbridge is under weighing, the manufacturer will be missing out on potential revenue from constantly making up for a differential that is not real.

5 Things you need to know about weighbridge accuracy


The area where the cup transfers from the track onto the weighing area needs to be aligned so that the cup does not bang against the weighbridge, but gently transfers onto it. A good idea is to place your finger in the cup as it moves over the bridge. You want a relatively smooth ride. If it is bad, you will feel an ugly bump as it goes across.


Make sure your load cell and weighbridge are properly fastened and that the weighbridge is completely isolated. It should not be touching any adjacent hardware and should not have any debris. Clean gently, as the load cells are sensitive devices. This task is quite important for your weighbridge accuracy.


Temperature changes modify the affectability of the heap cells and this can influence yields. On the off chance that your weighbridge is to be introduced in a zone where there are critical varieties in temperature, you ought to talk about how you can alleviate the impacts of this with your weighbridge provider. Other natural factors that can influence weighbridge exactness incorporate high and cross breezes, moistness, vibration, a development of earth, dampness and erosion.


It can emerge through stockpile of mistaken data by the driver of the vehicle or contribution by the extension administrator.


In the Mechanical Variation section of this paper it was mentioned that the accuracy of weighbridges could drift with time. It is, therefore, important to monitor accuracy on a regular basis. Many countries regulate the frequency by which weighbridges have to be checked and stamped for approved usage.

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