4 methods & tools to enhance your project management


The first step for the profit and more productivity is a quick and efficient Project Management of your company. After all, to understand the correct sequence for each step of your production process allows the achievement of your goal within the deadline, the correct management of your resources, eliminate duplication, and also to reduce waste and loss in your team routine.

In order to achieve that, the production flow has to come from a strategic view and well detailed of your administrative and operational activities by integrating all company departments. On this way is possible to evaluate the priorities of each task and also having the clarity about all resources and people involved in each process, avoiding idleness because of missing materials or instructions.

There is a lot of methods and systems to help you with production optimization and process mapping. You can find below 4 practical tools that enable you to identify a bottleneck, costs prevention and estimative, process definitions and also how to act in many situations.

1 – BPM

The BPM (Business Process Management) is a management approach that was made to facilitate and systematize complex organizational processes involving employees, systems, tools and internal and external factors of the company.

On focus on the automation and optimization of the activities flow, the BPM establish production cycles split into 6 steps: planning, analysis, design, implementation, monitoring, control and refinement supporting all goals and corporate decisions.

2 – Kanban

Kanban is also knowing by visual management is a system made by the purpose of enhancing the production flow and meeting the demands by prioritizing and encouraging people to be always on time with their responsibilities.

A strategy that the production system uses is Lean Manufacturing, the Kanban has been developed by the Toyota Engineer, Taiichi Ohno and it organizes the projects by priority and it makes a to-do list, you can also check all tasks that are in working in progress and done.

3 – 5W2H

An important guide for your production flow would be the 5W2H which is a tool that facilitates you to implement new ideas from a checklist focused on the assertive and agility of the processes. The name came from the 7 aspects that are the basis of the methodology: What, Why, Where, Who, How and How Much.

On that way, this system helps you on mapping and justify all activities by predicting what will be produced, all materials and resources needed, the costs, the demands and all execution chronogram.

4 – ERP

An ERP is a management software that integrates all main processes of the company. The main goal of this system is to centralize the information flow into one place with a high level of accuracy, very consistent and giving you a big and deep view of all your company activities.

The ERP contribute with all plan, schedule and manufacturing control from the automatic integration of each sector being essential for efficient management of your production.

Beyond that, an ERP also allows you to record all production flow for further analysis and to meet all taxes obligations.

If you want to know more about ERP or even are interested in a Free Demo, please contact us. We have a fully integrated software to help you with mobile solutions, accounting modules, manufacturing solutions, engineering solutions and more.

You can also watch this video to understand even more about our ERP Solution


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