3 Benefits of integrated wholesale management software


In a complex industry with ever changing expectations and conditions, wholesale distributors are faced with many challenges, while also trying to increase customer satisfaction. Managing these challenges can be a difficult task, but how can wholesale distributors thrive?

These challenges have created a demand for integrated wholesale management software. Chances are you might be running a standalone accounts package and maybe a standalone stock control system, but these will only take you so far. The benefit of an ERP solution is that your entire business can be integrated onto one system, allowing you to reduce costs and receive live information from every workflow. At Herbst software we’ve recognised these challenges and we’ve created a specific solution for the wholesale / distribution industry, which you can view here.

We’ve put together some of the key advantages that integrated wholesale management software can bring to your business.

Optimise inventory & reduce costs

In any wholesale business, inventory accounts for a huge amount of your costs. For businesses that are tracking inventory manually, this can further increase costs and create inefficiencies in time management. Remember, time is money, and every manual error and discrepancy can add to your inventory costs as sometimes the data you’re working with is simply not accurate. However, integrated wholesale software allows you to optimise your inventory management by automating stock procedures, drastically reducing manual entry & helping identify trends in your business.

Think of the biggest challenges you currently have when it comes to inventory management. How often do you have backorders? What’s your carrying cost on the stock that isn’t moving? A good ERP solution should provide standard functionality to help you handle all of these issues. Instead of needing a large team to manually track stock movements, analyse trends and identify opportunities to optimise, integrated wholesale management software does the heavy lifting for you.

Real-time visibility into stock levels & sales activity

Having real time visibility of your stock is one of the top reasons why businesses will look to implement an ERP system. When all data is centralised onto one system, it becomes easier to identify trends & patterns, as well as identify key areas of performance within the business.An integrated system allows you to track stock levels in real time, making it easier for you to keep steady inventory, while preventing both product shortages and overstocking. As a wholesale distributor, you’ll be able to better understand what products are sitting vs selling across regions, sales reps or customer groups.

Integrated handheld solutions & other modular add ons

Whether it is a mobile solution for sales reps or account managers that spend most of their time out of the office, or an integrated B2B web portal for customer self service, at Herbst the modular nature of our software makes it easy to customise a solution that fits your needs. All of our modules are fully integrated with our wholesale management software. What are some of our key modules for the wholesale / distribution industry?

Herbst cloud client – a mobile solution to empower your salesforce.
Herbst trucker – complete driver management from your mobile device.
Herbst web portal – b2b we portal for complete customer self service.
ePOS – fully integrated point of sale solution built to handle cash & account customers.
Herbst Kiosk – touchscreen checkpoint for goods with integrated batch management.

If you would like to schedule a personalised demonstration of our software for your business, please fill in the form below and we will be in contact!


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