10 Reasons To Re-Evaluate Your ERP System Before 2024


For some companies, the year-end marks the peak of their activities, while for the rest of us, the concluding weeks of 2023 may be relatively quiet. This calm period provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on your aspirations for the upcoming year, allowing you to organise your plans for 2024 before taking a well-deserved break. Additionally, it’s an opportune time to objectively assess your existing ERP system and ponder whether it might be the right time for a change. 

This may seem like a difficult decision, as most companies have invested a lot of energy and money into getting their ERP to work for their distinctive operational needs. However, choosing an ERP system such as Herbst Software, represents a strategic investment that ensures a seamless transition, innovative features, and long-term operational efficiency, making it the best choice for staying ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape.


10 Reasons for your system assessment

Here are 10 compelling reasons why a thorough re-evaluation could be the key to unlocking enhanced efficiency, innovation, and long-term prosperity for your business:


1. Obsolete Software 

If the original vendor of your legacy ERP software is no longer in business or provides inadequate support due to acquisitions, it’s time for a migration. With Herbst, you can seamlessly migrate to a modern ERP solution, unlocking enhanced functionality and future-proofing your business operations. The robust features and flexible architecture of Herbst’s solution make it a reliable choice for businesses seeking a seamless transition from outdated software to a cutting-edge, fully integrated ERP solution.


2. Integration Challenges

Outdated ERPs struggle with integration due to a lack of standards-based APIs, leading to incomplete data sets and manual information transfers between systems. At Herbst, we are a fully integrated solution from one end of the business to the next, providing seamless connectivity and interoperability with various systems.


3. Escalating Operational Costs

Is the expenditure on your customised ERP solution steadily increasing? Upgrading to the latest release in a customised system can be financially burdensome. Cloud ERP solutions, with a single-platform architecture, offer extensive customisation at a significantly lower cost. With Herbst’s cloud-based ERP solution – Herbst Hosting, businesses can mitigate the financial strain associated with system upgrades. Herbst provide a cost-effective approach to customisation, ensuring businesses can adapt and enhance their ERP system without incurring exorbitant expenses.


4. Inflexibility for Changing Business Requirements

If your ERP is rigid and resistant to adapting to evolving business needs, it dictates how you operate rather than facilitating necessary changes. Herbst addresses this challenge by offering an intuitive and flexible ERP solution. Herbst Insight is designed to evolve with your business, providing customisation options that empower you to meet changing requirements seamlessly. With Herbst, businesses gain the agility needed to stay ahead in a dynamic business landscape, ensuring the ERP system aligns with evolving operational demands.


5. Limited Functionality

As your business expands, if your current ERP struggles to accommodate new processes and functions, it’s a clear sign that a more adaptable system is required. Herbst provides a seamlessly integrated and scalable solution, empowering businesses to grow effortlessly. With full modularity and customisation, easily select and add modules as your business expands, enhancing and modifying functionality to meet evolving needs.


6. Outdated Hardware

While functional, outdated hardware becomes expensive to maintain over time, hindering efficiency and preventing access to modern capabilities like mobile computing. Herbst’s ERP solution eliminates the constraints of outdated hardware. Experience a seamless transition, whether on the cloud or on-premise, for enhanced flexibility, accessibility, and cutting-edge technological advantages, including touchscreen apps and kiosks, without the hassle of maintaining obsolete equipment. equipment. 


7. Restricted Information Access

Difficulty accessing data in your legacy ERP, leading to time-consuming report generation or external consultation, impedes efficient business operations in 2023. Upgrade to Herbst’s advanced ERP solution for streamlined information retrieval, user-friendly reporting tools, customisable dashboards, and real-time insights. Our integrated touchscreen apps for sales, drivers, stock, and on-site workers ensure seamless connectivity with back-office accounts, enhancing efficiency for your entire team on the go.


8. Limited Business Visibility

Legacy ERP systems often operate in isolation, gathering data on specific operational areas without providing a unified source of entity-wide information. Herbst’s fully customisable and bespoke ERP solution breaks down silos, offering a comprehensive and integrated view of your business operations. With seamless data flow across departments, our ERP ensures enhanced business visibility, facilitating strategic decision-making and operational efficiency.


9. Over Reliance on IT Personnel

If a couple of long-tenured employees are the sole support for your ERP, it poses a risk. Heavy dependence on a few individuals for system knowledge can hinder progress. Herbst’s ERP solution offers intuitive usability and comprehensive training, ensuring a broader pool of skilled individuals who can effectively support and navigate the system, reducing the risk associated with over-reliance on specific IT personnel.


10. Support and Maintenance

A well-supported ERP system is a resilient one. Re-evaluate your vendor’s support and maintenance offerings to ensure your system remains robust, well-maintained, and ready for the challenges ahead. At Herbst, our dedicated support and maintenance services ensure that your system stays robust, impeccably maintained, and perpetually prepared to tackle the challenges that lie ahead


Final Considerations

Embarking on the journey of re-evaluating your ERP system may initially appear daunting; however, the potential benefits for your business are immense. By remaining proactive and competitive, you can pave the way for a prosperous and innovative future. Take the opportunity to re-evaluate your ERP system before 2024 to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your evolving business needs. When considering options, explore Herbst software—a comprehensive solution offering full integration, modularity for tailored packages, both cloud and on-premise versions, and convenient touchscreen apps for sales representatives, on-the-road drivers, and factory floor workers. Herbst provides the flexibility and functionality your business requires for sustained growth and efficiency.


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