10 Common problems businesses without a good ERP solutions face


You know you have a great product and provide amazing service. You have a stellar team who can sell professionally and engage your customers, but you have no way of knowing how great you are, as most of your business intelligence is either with the accountants, on dozens of spreadsheets, or embarrassingly out of date!

    1. Disconnected data and customer information
      With data residing on multiple PCs, laptops, and smartphones, how will you ever have a complete picture of your customers? With a Herbst Software ERP solution, a centralised customer database will allow you and your team to get the data you need, simply and efficiently.
    2. Poor customer retention
      It only takes one failed delivery, or a poor service interaction to lose a valuable customer. Word of mouth or referrals from other businesses is critical to any business’ success. Build your reputation by being a great company.
    3. An inappropriately equipped sales team
      Your amazing sales team needs pertinent information at their fingertips at all times. With Herbst Software mobile solutions, they will have the most current customer data on hand when meeting with clients and potential clients.
    4. Incomplete project data
      The lifecycle of any project is dependant on the milestones and all measurable results. Without a comprehensive tool on hand to manage the tasks and all current costs, the project will always be at risk. Herbst Software’s Jobber App allows just that.
    5. Frustrated suppliers
      Your best customer wants to know where his very expensive delivery of materials are, and when they will arrive. Without a way to track the goods, contact the driver and see (a picture) of where the goods have been delivered, you are blind. Herbst Software tracking tools and full ERP tools will place full control in the hands of your team.
    6. Frustrated staff
      When your staff is happy, your customers are happy. You want your team to be successful – they are what makes your company a great company. Make sure they have the tools and the resources they need.
    7. Revenue and invoicing delays
      Getting paid is never simple. Creating error-free invoices and getting them out in a timely manner often consumes more time and resources than you have on hand – this causes delays all around. With a centralised, integrated solution, invoices can be generated as soon as a project is complete and signed off.
    8. Slow access to all data
      Your sales person is sitting in a meeting with a potential client, and he wants to show them how your company delivered on time and on the budget for a major construction job you just completed. He logs into the server and realises the entire project file is on the slowest connection ever. Better to have everything on a web-based interface on a tablet app, built for mobility.
    9. Lack of mobility for your project and sales teams
      Your team is on the road all the time. They cannot be using VPN or server-based utilities to access key data, it’s just too slow and cumbersome – they need a robust, mobile solution they can rely on and entrust their customer interaction on.
    10. Falling behind your competitors
      Your competitors are winning all the bids you know you can deliver on, but they are using mobile solutions, robust ERP utilities and their sales force are killing it on the demos. Yours can be as spectacular with the right tools.

The vision you have for your company may be to sit in front of customers or potential customers and have a full and comprehensive view of your business and its ability to deliver. To be able to show tangible proof of your successes and have the backing of your current client base by deploying the right tools from Herbst Software.

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