Herbst Insight ERP

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First we integrated the accounts, now we're integrating the people and processes. Herbst Insight starts a revolutionary, new generation of software products for business. It was designed using recent software technologies as a fully integrated management and business system to take greater advantage of the information stored in your company's accounts. While working in a sales and management environment, Herbst Insight performs all the duties of an accounts package and much more.

This Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution empowers the user to make informed and accurate decisions, with vision and control of the present status, and creative planning for the future by viewing the most critical areas of your business. It's somewhat like having an accountant and management consultant on your desktop, bringing the information flowing in your direction.

Herbst Insight is redesigning the work of business accounting, making it easier for management to get accurate information while making important decisions. Management and accounts are vital elements of any business. With our business management solution, less time is spent searching through information, and enables managers to access information instantly and make informed decisions more effeciently. This solution keeps an eye on the sensitive areas of your business. The fact is that accurate information matters, and it has a major input in your profitability.

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